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CSH Consulting, has become one of the leading independent CRM Solution Providers in the Mid-Atlantic. Although we work with many of the leading CRM solution vendors, we believe the best way to deliver value to our customers is by maintaining independence and objectivity when designing our solutions.
Premise and Cloud based CRM
GoldMine Premium - Gain insight, increase knowledge… achieve better results! GoldMine Premium Edition will positively impact your productivity, customer relationship capabilities, and will continue to help you better manage your sales, marketing, and customer service efforts. Click here for a Video overview.
Cloud Based CRM
CiviCRM - Constituent Relationship Management for the Not-For-Profit organization. CiviCRM will help you manage your Contacts, Contributions, Events, Mailings/Communications, Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers, Advocacy Campaigns, Members, Case Management, Reports and more.
Cloud Based CRM
Nimble - Grow Faster with Nimble. The #1 rated social sales and marketing CRM. To see our Nimble page and try it for free click here.
Cloud Based Phone System
Intulse - We're the business communications company with our heads in the Cloud. Intulse offers cloud-based phone systems to seamlessly connect you, your employees, your clients and your business.
Email Marketing for GoldMine

IntelliClick - Go beyond the basics of GoldMine's email with IntelliClick's interactive capabilities that start a "real time" dialogue with your target audience. Alerts, special "one click" call to action links and analytics allow your organization to be laser focused on the best opportunities at the most opportune time. Use our "top leads" metrics to identify who is ready to buy.

GoldMine Web
Web Based CRM

GoldMine Web - A new browser-based app that’s included with GoldMine Premium Edition and installed as part of the GoldMine Connect package. GoldMine Web provides the look and feel of a web client and doesn’t require installation for the end user.

Quote / Proposal System

QuoteWerks - will make you more efficient, more consistent, more professional, and more competitive. The content of your quote and how you present your quote is important. The quote represents not only what you are selling, but is also an extension of your company brand and image.

Mobile Sync Solutions

CompanionLink - Sync your CRM or contact manager with any smartphone or tablet.  

Mobile CRM for GoldMine

The wMobile product enables users to have live web based access to a GoldMine based CRM system from their desktop computer, tablet or phone. wMobile contains full contact management features enabling a user to review existing CRM information as well as to provide updates on the fly.  

Data Management for GoldMine

GoldBox - is an overflowing chest of high-quality tools for database technicians, a literal programming language designed specifically for GoldMine. From the beginning, it’s aim was to deliver not just one data management task, but an entire spectrum of processes, performed quickly and efficiently, for your valuable CRM business data.

Data Integration Tool for GoldMine

Inaport is the premier customer data integration tool from InaPlex. It moves data between your CRM system and other data repositories in your organization. Key functions provided by Inaport include: Two way data integration, Data Migration - move legacy CRM data to new systems, Data Management and Data Integrity.

Reporting and Management for GoldMine
Most reporting options require days of training and only give you flat, single function reports when you're finished. MasterMine's dynamic and interactive reports can be set up in seconds and 1-button-launched from a taskbar when you need them! Start making the useful reports that your organization needs today!

CSH Consulting is dedicated to glorifying God in all aspects of business through honesty and integrity.

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