Support & Training

Training is the one of the most important steps in implementing a system
After the install is complete CSH will be there to support your daily use of the CRM system. Here’s a quote from one of our customers that best describes how we will treat you.
Gail and I have decided we are nominating you (CSH) for support person of the year with FrontRange (GoldMine). I can’t thank you enough for your help. We couldn’t be more pleased.
We provide email, telephone, remote, and on-site support. We have prepaid discounted rates along with our normal hourly as needed rate. Our success depends on your success in keeping your system running smoothly.

Training is the one of the most important steps in implementing a system. CSH can provide in-house or off-site training. We’ll discuss which option best suits you and your people.

Since we help companies with tracking sales data it only makes sense that we have a Sales Methodology. We can help you get connected with Sandler Training so you can improve your sales processes. Sandler is a system that helps you eliminate time, energy, and effort during the sales process.

CSH Consulting is dedicated to glorifying God in all aspects of business through honesty and integrity.

Mailing Address
2253 W. Springfield Road
Glen Rock, PA 17327

Phone: (717) 235-4297

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