CRM Installation & Set-up

Hire us for a successful CRM deployment.
Once a strategy is determined and the right CRM system is found, our technical team will help you with installation. We’ll eliminate headaches right from the start with our “Intelligence Guided by Experience” determination and expertise. With hundreds of installs and upgrades completed over the past years, we are confident we’ll be able to help you get started on the right track.

Along with installing software, our team will be able to help with details like migrating data, configuring and customizing software, and integrating other programs with your CRM system.

Installation and set-up does not have to be a daunting task for you, we’ll do the hard part!
I find that GoldMine's Forecasting feature is the strength of the product because it helps me manage from the end of the sales cycle all the way back to the beginning. I have a better pulse on how my sales team's prospecting activities are going by first reviewing forecast and then looking at the activities that got us to this spot. I like to manage by the numbers and as a sales manager you are always looking at taking unneeded steps out of the process. GoldMine's forecasting is a quick snapshot of what is going to happen next month and the months ahead. Music to a sales manager and owners of a company. Once this forecasting tool is put in place your time with reps becomes more productive and you are able to work in a team environment with great effectiveness. Marketing trends jump out and you can adjust your prospecting activities to take advantage of these trends. This tool has better helped us hit our numbers and made managing sales reps less stressful. GoldMine Forecasting is POWER.

Jeff Moler

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