GoldMine tip and purchase promotions through Dec 27th, 2013.


GoldMine Tip


Our customer AFS Energy asked the following question and with the help of GoldMine Tech support we have this tip for you. How can you display(create shortcut) a specific help page on the tool bar without having to do a search every time? Here are the steps:

1. From GoldMine goto Help|GoldMine Help and find the page you want to create a shortcut to.

2. Right click on the body of the page and select Properties. Copy the “Address:(URL)” data to the clipboard.

3. From GoldMine click on the Taskbar Customize toolbar item.

4. Right click and select “Add new item”

5. From the “Item Type:” drop down menu select Website.

6. Enter a description in the Caption.

7. Paste the “Address:(URL)” that you copied in step 2 into the URL: field. Leave the URL data field empty.

8. At the bottom select an icon and then click ok.

9. From the GoldMine task bar menu select you new icon and it will display the help in your default browser. (Note: most likely you will need to use Internet Explorer. I could not get this to work with Google Chrome).


Lots of Promotions THESE PROMOTIONS END DECEMBER 27th, 2013


1. Buy any New, Additional, or Upgrade License and get GoldMine Mobile – Receive one free mobile license with no additional maintenance for every new, additional, and/or upgrade license of GoldMine Premium Edition purchased.


2. 3 User Bump Pack – Purchase additional 3 user pack for $1,797 (14% discount) plus maintenance.


3. Welcome Back – Expired Corporate Edition(CE) or Premium Edition(PE) customers can Get Current with a one-time reinstatement fee as follows:

– CE upgrading to PE pays no more than $1000 flat fee plus next year’s Maintenance and Support

– PE renewing pays $500 flat fee plus next year’s Maintenance and Support.


Other Items to Consider

1. Would you like a custom Dashboard built for GoldMine? Let us know and one of our technicians will be glad to help you.

2. Need help in your business. Check out (this is a networking group I am part of). I will be glad to recommend someone.

3. Do you have old computers, mice, keyboards that you would like to get rid of?(I can not take monitors, sorry.) Please let me know and I will pick them up and have them recycled.

4. Last but not least. (maybe the most important piece of this email) Here’s a link to a message of Hope by Billy Graham