York Container – GoldMine and wMobile use:

Brent Ames, Sales Representative from York Container Corporation, uses GoldMine and wMobile via a Motorola Droid X. When asked what the biggest problems GoldMine and wMobile helped solve, he shared the following.

He is able to search one central database for contacts and companies, and search them by area such as city or state. He appreciates the ability to track one-on-one communications, touches and interactions chronologically. He can also track notes and pending activities for individual contacts. He likes the ease of making calls directly from the call list without having to dial the number.

An interesting story he shared about the install. They installed an update to fix a problem and the program fonts turned to such a small size it was unreadable. Every screen had to be expanded to see it. The problem was fixed and the font sizes were returned to viewable size.

In summing up he stated “Four to six hours of organizational time is avoided each week with having this system”.

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