York Container – GoldMine and wMobile use:

Brent Ames, Sales Representative from York Container Corporation, uses GoldMine and wMobile via a Motorola Droid X. When asked what the biggest problems GoldMine and wMobile helped solve, he shared the following.

He is able to search one central database for contacts and companies, and search them by area such as city or state. He appreciates the ability to track one-on-one communications, touches and interactions chronologically. He can also track notes and pending activities for individual contacts. He likes the ease of making calls directly from the call list without having to dial the number.

An interesting story he shared about the install. They installed an update to fix a problem and the program fonts turned to such a small size it was unreadable. Every screen had to be expanded to see it. The problem was fixed and the font sizes were returned to viewable size.

In summing up he stated “Four to six hours of organizational time is avoided each week with having this system”.

GoldMine – Creating Customers For Life

This is a repost of a Blog written by Jeff Moloughney, Sr. Director of Customer Service Products/CRM at FrontRange Solutions, Inc.

jeff mouloughney

There are two views you should consider when embarking on social CRM for your organization. How will social CRM applications affect your relationship with your customers, and how will customers be affected by your social CRM use (in addition to how it will impact your overall customer service program)?

Let’s first start with how customers will be affected by your social CRM use. If you have not embarked on social aspects for your CRM business, keep it simple. For example, marketing can push new product or services being delivered to the market, or position events via social channels. Sales can leverage social CRM through improved peer / influencer management, as well as, better lead / prospect management through social network information a sales rep can easily acquire across various social channels.

Customer service teams can understand customer sentiments that may affect customer loyalty by listening to the social media networks, and possibly gain an understanding of customer loyalty and satisfaction levels through social surveys. Understanding internal perspectives may be easier than understanding how social channels may affect your customer’s view of your company. In order to understand how customers will be affected by your social use, put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Think about what information you would want if you were a customer of your brand, as well as, when and how you would want to receive this information. As you grow in social media use you should analyze how, when, and where your customers retrieve social related information and change your social business accordingly. Ask yourself how often you would want to be connected, what type of information you would want to receive and how you would expect to be redirected back to the company (i.e. yourself!). Sometimes social related information can bring up additional questions, so make sure your customers understand where they can obtain further details about the related social CRM information that were provided.

Always keep in mind industry-specific needs as related to the social arena, as this will vastly effect how Social CRM is leveraged around the enterprise. And as mentioned before, don’t forget that analysis of how social CRM is utilized in the organization is needed since it’s an ever changing and constantly moving market space.

Don’t let social CRM scare you with terms and technology (especially since the social media is an ever changing, ever growing, and quite honestly, immature in regards to CRM usage). You may wish to consider social CRM as just another workflow involved in your CRM processes.

What are your thoughts on the impact of social media on your business?

OUR TAKE – Our Better Angels

Steven Pinker, Professor of Psychology at Harvard and author of, “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined,” takes the position that we may be living in the most peaceable era of human existence. In a contemporary society where stories of terror, war, and genocide abound in print, broadcast and online, such a claim seems preposterous. 
Mr. Pinker makes the point that regardless of whether one views today’s world as good or bad, it used to be worse . . . much worse. About 15% of people in prestate eras died violently, compared with about 3% of the citizens of the earliest states. The author notes that “humankind has been blessed with six major declines in violence.” For the last decade, the rate of documented deaths from violence is an unprecedented few hundredths of a percentage point

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Nimble aims to be WordPress of social SaaS


WordPress dominates the world of web content management, powering over 59 million websites and hosting about half that many. Nimble, a Santa Monica-based software-as-a-service startup, is taking some pages out of WordPress’ playbook by opening the API for its social CRM platform, and offering an in-platform app store for developers to give away or sell applications based on it.

Founded by Jon Ferrara, the cofounder of the Windows contact management giant GoldMine Software (now owned by FrontRange Solutions), Nimble is trying to fill the gaps left by SalesForce.com and create a community of plug-in developers and SaaS partners by opening up its interface and server-side APIs, and create an in-platform application store that developers can sell their software through. 

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Universal Search –

 a “google” like search within your GoldMine system

GoldMine Premium Edition allows you to search your entire GoldMine database for any piece of data regardless of where it is stored.

If you are running GoldMine Premium and do not have this implemented be sure to ask us how to do that.

An example of a Universal Search would be to locate who or what contact contains the words “purple door”.  I know I had a discussion via the phone or email regarding “purple door” (“Purple Door” is a local Christian Concert held once a year).  So I do a search for “purple door” and the system will display who that is associated with.