• MAnagement Made easy
    The All-in-One Management Solution for Government Offices
    An easy, cost-effective, document management and issue resolution tracking tool designed for municipalities, townships, and government offices.


  • Many Companies lose opportunities by not having organized data. Are you frustrated because a good lead fell through the "cracks"? CSH Consulting can help you pin those leads down.
  • What Issues 
    Challenge Your 
    A CRM system will track them for you. From start to finish, your team will know what issues exist and if they are being resolved.
  • More Effective Use Of Time
    A CRM system will keep you from wasting time looking for important customer data.  Corporate Memory like emails, documents, and sales data is stored right along with your calendar and important customer demographics.
What Is Customer relationship management (CRM) And How Can It Work For You
Create Customers For Life
Keep all your critical customer data at your fingertips. Know your customers without having to guess "who they are". What do they like, how do they communicate, what do they buy, are some of the questions a CRM system can answer for you.
Deliver Incredible Service
Having quick access to all aspects of a customer’s activity along with tracking their issues and challenges allows you to better understand that customer and in turn serve that customer.
Turbo Charge Sales
Whether you are a salesperson or manager, a CRM system will help you stay accountable to your goals. Manage where you and your company are with all your sales and deals.
Keep Communication Easy
Whether you want to call, text, e-mail, or snail mail, a CRM system will automate these tasks for you.
Goldmine Highlights
  • Relationship Management
  • Sales management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Service

Lorene Sukala

Herkules Group
Gary and CSH Consulting have been wonderful to work with and our company has nothing but praise for their help and assistance. GoldMine has provided us with the tools needed to keep all of our information consolidated, so that we can easily access it and quickly allow the organization and communication of our team to be efficient and effective.

CRM Makes Connecting Painless

We love helping you learn how refreshing a CRM system can make communication workflows. Our demos are interactive allowing you to ask questions as you get your first look at our CRM solutions. Schedule your demo today.
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