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January 28, 2016   Posted by: gzimmerman

Picture in GoldMine

Do you have the need to show a picture of a person, a building, a pet, a ? inside GoldMine?  With a little setup and a picture in the right location you can display pictures in the GM+View tab of GoldMine.  Let us know and we’ll help you complete the task.  See my beautiful granddaughter below!

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November 23, 2015   Posted by: gzimmerman

GoldMine 2015.2

GoldMine 2015.2 has been released. – see release notes here.

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April 10, 2015   Posted by: gzimmerman

CiviCRM is growing…

There are over 9,500 organizations that use CiviCRM, and this list is
growing. Organizations all over the world use the system to increase
their capacity to fight disease and poverty, to improve the environment
and to educate, and to achieve so many more critical missions. This is
the heart of CiviCRM… a platform that anyone can use, improve upon, and
contribute to for everyone’s benefit. CiviCRM is truly open source
software that does a world of good!

by Josh Gowans, Core Team Member, CiviCRM, LLC


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