What Our Customers Say...

What Our Customers Say...

“I find that GoldMine's Forecasting feature is the strength of the product because it helps me manage from the end of the sales cycle all the way back to the beginning. I have a better pulse on how my sales team's prospecting activities are going by first reviewing forecast and then looking at the activities that got us to this spot. I like to manage by the numbers and as a sales manager you are always looking at taking un-needed steps out of the process. GoldMine's forecasting is a quick snapshot of what is going to happen next month and the months ahead. Music to a sales manager and owners of a company.


Once this forecasting tool is put in place your time with reps becomes more productive and you are able to work in a team environment with great effectiveness. Marketing trends jump out and you can adjust your prospecting activities to take advantage of these trends. This tool has better helped us hit our numbers and made managing sales reps less stressful. GoldMine Forecasting is POWER.”

Jeff Moler
Blockhouse Furniture

“As a small and growing business, it is crucial to maintain an accurate, working database of our clients and prospects. GoldMine exceeded our expectations at the onset and we have been very successful in expanding, not only our own database with vital information, but it was with great ease that we were able to establish individual databases for each of our clients.

Knowing that the integrity of our client information is protected yet easily accessible by our sales team is surely an added value to our company. ”

Lisanne Gray

“As a rural financial planning practice, we use GoldMine specifically for a client information management tool which has helped us in many ways including moving toward using a lot less paper; thus organizing our clients information. Our work with Gary and CSH has always been a fruitful relationship and would recommend their services to anyone looking to implement GoldMine.”

David Erickson
Erickson Financial

“As an outbound Lead Generation Call Center, GoldMine has allowed our staff to manage all of the correspondence of each of their calls.  We make thousands of calls a month and I am able to see each activity for each call for each of our clients.  The reporting function allows us to share specific prospecting information to our clients as well as historical data.  The best function I've personally found is the ability to filter out contacts from the multiple databases we have running in GoldMine.  I've found GoldMine to be functional, flexible, and easy for our callers to use.  In fact, we've had clients come in with their own CRM package and our callers constantly share how "clunky" the other packages are to use.  Also, because I have to track stats for our clients, we average 10-12 dials per hour using GoldMine, however, when we go to other packages; specifically those in the "cloud", our dials per hour drop down to 4-6 dials per hour. To me, this is proof about the efficiencies within GoldMine and ease of navigability.  Thank you for sharing your wealth and knowledge with GoldMine. I promise if we didn't have it for our callers that we would not be as successful.”

Tony Lardarello

“Gary and CSH Consulting have been wonderful to work with and our company has nothing but praise for their help and assistance. GoldMine has provided us with the tools needed to keep all of our information consolidated, so that we can easily access it and quickly allow the organization and communication of our team to be efficient and effective.”

Lorene Sukayla
Herkules Group

“I feel like we need a CHEER or something for this team. You are all wonderful, wonderful and did I say wonderful. I've been spending my whole day on CiviCRM - DOING my job!! This tool is simply stupendous and I'm BLESSED beyond Blessed that you have made all my dreams come true for the Horn Farm Center.

I've been adding contacts, including meeting activities, hand written notes, attaching documents, updating contact information, grouping people and sending emails (which are then DOCUMENTED in individual profiles -- HOW COOL) to many people. I haven't said it lately but I appreciate that you "caught" my vision and have brought it to reality in a very short time. Today I felt like I could leap tall buildings and run miles without resting!! With your long hours of work and dedication, this organization is poised for rapid GROWTH.”

Nedette Otterbein
Horn Farm Center for Agricultural Education